At 4 chamber conditions, the hourly output of upto 7200 bottles. One hour, just one hour, we can let you swim in the ocean in PET bottles, Welcome to guide visitors.

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        • In the modern life, wecan see plastic products in everywhere plastic products, like mineral water bottles,TV, refrigerator, even aircraft and Chang-e lunar exploration. Its lightweight,inexpensive, non-conductive, a considerable number of advantages, many peopleuse it. So where are these seemingly ordinary plastic bottle from

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            In general common life,we are exposed to most of the bottle should drink bottles, such as mineralwater bottles and Coke bottles, which are transparent bottles. Thesetransparent bottles in general by the polyester, which is the scientific namefor the raw polyethylene terephthalate made. In fact, we often say PET, theseare all PET bottles and transparent bottle, a home in the green plastic inside.By blowing machine, the plastic particles (softened into a liquid) or do thepreform by means of certain process blown bottles. Currently, most are stilltwo-step blow molding machine blow molding machine, which must first be made ofplastic material preform, and then to blow. PET blow molding machine biggestfeature is the Bake and blowing apart accelerate the blowing speed and improvethe yield. In addition, the compact design also saves space, reduce capitalcosts and improve competitiveness.

              In order to adapt to thedevelopment of the industry and customer needs, Suzhou betway live scores machinery,through reform and innovation, research and development of high-speed highyield and efficiency of the Smurfs series blower, has 13 patents, has redefinedlinear blow molding machine. At 4 chamber conditions, the hourly output of upto 7200 bottles. One hour, just one hour, we can let you swim in the ocean inPET bottles, Welcome to guide visitors.

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